Klein + Hummel 410’s, Neumann KH120A’s, Yamaha NS-10M’s, Mackie HR824’s, Adam A7’s, Genelec 1030a’s.


Protools HD3 x 2, Digi 192 16in/8out, Araura Linx 16 I/O, UA Apollo x8p,UA Apollo 8p x2, UA Apollo Quad,  MCI 1″ 8 Track Tape Machine

Preamps and EQs:  

Chandler Limited LTD-1 x 2, Chandler Limited TG Channel x 2, Chandler Limited TG2, Tweed Audio x 2, Langavin x 2, Classic API VP26 x 8, Avalon 737sp x 2, UA 6176 x 2, Neve Melbourne x2, API 550 x4, API 550a. Apollo x16 (with API Channel ,Neve 1073, Neve R88, UA 610 plugins)


Tube-Tech CL1B,Tube-Tech SMC 2B, Manley Var-mu, Urie 1176, Teletronix LA2A, Summit TLA100A ,Neve 2254 comp/limiter,UA 6176 x 2, API 225 x 2.


Roland Space Echo RE-201 x 2, Korg Stage Echo, Peavey Valverb( tube spring), Mastering Spring Reverb.



Neumann M147 x 2,  Beesneez T2 ( Elam 251 copy), RMS49 (M49 copy),AKG tube, Neumann KM 54, AKG C28 x2, Beesneez Oliver(k47 capsule), Lulu tube(Km54) x 4.


Neumann U47fet x 2,Neumann TLM 103 x 5, Neumann KM184 x2, Schoeps KFM 6 Sphere, AT 4041 x 2, Shure SM81, Beesneez Lulu x 2, Beesneez Oliver fet.


RCA 44, RCA 77 x 2, RCA BK5A, RCA 74, Shure Model 333x 2, Royer SF24, Apex 210,  (cinemag trans mod) ribbon x 4, Golden Age R1, Beyerdynamic M260


AKG D112 x 2,  Shure SM7 x 3,  Shure SM57 x 5, Sennheiser 421 x 3, Electro Voice RE20

Instruments and Amps:


Yamaha G5 Grand Piano, Heisman Upright, Hammond B3 with 122 Leslie, Hammond C3 with145 Leslie , Hammond M111,Vintage Pump Organ x2, Fender Rhodes 88 suitecase, Fender Rhodes 88 Stage, Wurlitzer x2 , Yamaha CS10 Analog Synth, Korg Gaia, Korg Triton, Prophet 12, Moog Minator


Bass Drums: Gretch 26, Camco  24″ , Slingerland 1960’s 24″, Ludwig 28″ , Ludwig 1970 22″, Gracey 20″

Snare Drums: 1970s Ludwig Black Beauty 14″ x 6.5″, Ludwig New Brass 14″ x 6.5″,1970 Ludwig supralite, 1959 Rogers (wood) 14″x 10″ x 2, 1960’s Slingerland (wood)14″ x 6.5″, 1970’s Slingerland (steel)14″ x 6.5″,1960’s Slingerland (Wood) 14″ x 5″,1960’s Gretch (wood)14″ x 6.5″,New Gretch (wood)14″ x 6.5″ and many more.

Toms: Ludwig 1970 16″,13″, Gretch 14″,13″,16″,18″, DW 14″,13″,Camco 18″, Slingerland 13″,14″,16″

Congas: LP 5 star x 3, Gombop ( Alex Acuna) x 3


Vintage Fender Deluxe reverb,Vintage Sears Silvertone Twin, Vintage National 1210, Ampeg J-12T, Ampeg SB12, Fender Blues Junior

Guitars and Basses:

Fender J bass US custom shop 95, Fender P Bass 60s reissue, Fender J Bass, Custom Warmoth 5 String Bass,Custom Warmoth 4 String J Bass, 1930’s K Upright Bass. Gretch country gentleman, Burns Nu-Sonic,1965 Gibson Acoustic, 1964 Gibson acoustic.

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