Mae Moore:

The Bills:

Toni Childs:

Alex Cuba:

Adonis Puentes:

Joby Baker:
I’ve started getting into the idea of making my own music again. This song was inspired by my visit to Teotehaucan in Mexico with Don Miguel Ruiz.

Kuba Oms:
Great young producer in Vancouver Davey Badiuk Worked some serious magic into this track. This was just mastered here.

Shane Philip:

Cowboy Junkies:

Db Clifford:

Justin Hewitt:

I don’t think this ever got released, this was done one take to the 1″ 8 track MCI.

John Bottomley:
May he rest in peace. This was such a pleasure to part of. This was recorded on the 1″ 8 track MCI.

Paul O’Brien:

The Fretless:

Pretty Persian Girl:

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